The Top 5 Reasons for Using External Cold Callers

Cold calling is one of the least liked tasks for salespeople and executives. However, it is also important in maintaining and generating business. Many businesses wonder if outsourcing cold calls is a good idea or if it makes financial sense to do so. To help you clear the air on what to do, we’ve listed 5 reasons you should consider using external cold callers for your business.

Reason #1. Precision

While using in-house staff to make cold calls sounds good on the surface, the reality is mistakes happen and precision isn’t always on point. An agency that specializes in cold calls has a far greater chance of staying on-point and completely accurate in their methodologies, saving you the aftermath of mistakes.

Reason #2. Consistency

External cold callers do not waiver under illnesses or vacation times. Instead, they remain consistent in the work that they do and are always available when you need them. This takes the pressure off you and your staff and ensures that calls are always being made.

Reason #3. Affordability

Unbelievably, outsourcing your cold calling can in fact be far more affordable than in-house work. Large companies may not have any issues with in housing their cold calls, but most businesses cannot afford the money-burning process of appointment and cold call services. Outsourcing saves both time and money.

Reason #4. Delivery-Time

The speed with which an outsourcing agency can complete calls and book appointments is paramount. Additionally, cold call companies do more than just set up appointments. They look for loopholes in your sales strategy and adjust your lead list for greater accuracy.

Reason #5. Flexibility

Cold calling agencies adjust to your needs at will, and work in accordance with your marketing team and strategy to develop a more effective cold calling salesforce.

Consider outsourcing your cold calling, and experience the results for yourself.

Thinking of Outsourcing your Cold Calling?

Outsourcing your cold calling is a big decision. Numerous factors come into play such as the qualifications of the company you are working with, the price, and the quality of the results. However, if you think outsourcing your cold calls is the right move for your business, consider a few tips to make the most of the process.

Tip 1. Determine How Payment Will Work

Some companies opt to pay their cold callers via sales commissions, but this can be tricky business. Attempting to pay a cold caller on commission is a hard sale to say the least, and committing to a full or part-time cold call employee can be costly with little results. Choosing to pay by the hour with specific agreed measurable targets is often the best option. It keeps your costs controlled and you can quickly ascertain if it is working for you, or not. Keep this in mind as you search for the right cold caller.

Tip 2. Look at Qualifications First

No matter how ‘affordable’ a cold caller might be, the proof of their worth is based on the sales they generate. Some cold calling companies offer reviews and mini-resumes to help you make an informed decision. Look at those companies first before hiring a random employee to do the work for you.

Tip 3. Look At the Long-Term

How long do you expect to need a cold caller for your business? Are you simply trying to generate buzz for an upcoming conference? Do you want to push this quarter over the top with a few ‘extra’ sales? The motivation behind hiring a cold caller will ultimately determine how long you need them for, which also contributes to the total cost.

The key to outsourcing cold calls is having a clear goal in mind and connecting with a company that understands how to be successful with their work. By doing so, you can achieve the greatest results.