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Reach Your Customers Where They Are with Direct Sales Agents

At Ethicall, each of our direct sales agents has years of experience and stands at the ready to help your business make the sale. Generating leads is critical to the health of your business. Luckily, with the help of our direct sales agency you can benefit from a hands-off experience that produces real results. Our system is simple. We partner you with a telesales agent who gets to know your brand one-on-one and in turn targets customers who are qualified buyers. Your agent then helps you make the most of your list by reaching all the right customers.

Eliminate Missed Opportunities

Whether your sales force simply doesn’t have the time to contact all of your qualified leads, or they aren’t getting the job done properly, our direct sales agents can make sure you never miss the chance to make a sale. As seasoned experts, they are experts at converting prospects and can take the burden off you and your employee’s shoulders.

No other direct sales agency in the UK provides better customer service than Ethicall. We have proven our ability to secure sales time and again, and we’d love to do it for your business too. Why risk potential sales by hiring inexperienced sales people? Instead, try a trusted provider and personal telesales agent for your company.

Our team never misses an opportunity to make a sale. Responsible, refined and exceptional direct sales agents are what you can expect from Ethicall.

Professional Sales Calls

Above all, our telesales agents take pride in representing your business to wide array of customers. They understand the importance of a professional, friendly and intelligent approach to direct sales calls. Each and every one of your prospects will be treated with respect and kindness, regardless of the call’s outcome. You can confidently hand over your list to our agents.

Professionalism and a broad understanding of how customers want to be treated positions your company for success. Our direct sales agents take that approach to their calls. They don’t read from a script, and they aren’t afraid to converse with your prospects. They build a connection that you can later capitalise on should their initial response be “no”. That’s the kind of direct sales agency we are. We help you build for the future.

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Explore the abilities of our telesales agents by giving our direct sales agency a try. We guarantee you’ll like the results.

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