10 Myths About Telemarketing Companies DEBUNKED!

10 Myths About Telemarketing Companies DEBUNKED!

It’s 2017, are telemarketing companies still useful? If you own a B2B company, there is no better time than now to use a cold calling agency. But if you’re among those held back by misconceptions surrounding cold calling agencies, today’s post is for you.

Here are 10 myths about telemarketing agencies that simply don’t hold water.

Myth #1. Telemarketers work exclusively from a script.


Telemarketing people aren’t those robot miserable souls that the media constantly portrays. They are people who love their job and are passionate about helping people find products that work for them.

At Ethicall, our telesales people don’t work exclusively from a script. Instead, they have a few notes about the individual they’re calling and a few important points to bring up. However, they are experienced enough to go with the conversation and lead back around to the product.

Generic scripts don’t work. And we don’t use them.

Myth #2. They have zero skills and are really just in it for the sale.

Ultimately yes, the point of a cold calling agency is to push the prospect of a sale, but that isn’t their sole focus.
Good communication skills are a must-have for any successful salesperson, even those who sell via phone. Our team is trained to be professional yet friendly in their approach. The result is a warmer lead for our client.

Myth #3. Cold calling agencies outsource their calls to large factory-style agencies overseas.

False, not all agencies use impersonal companies to make their calls. At Ethicall, we use a team of highly skilled professionals to make our calls.

They have clear communication skills and a strong track record of turning cold leads into sales down the pipeline.

Myth #4. They charge extremely high rates and aren’t for small businesses.

Telemarketing provides a substantial return on investment.

According to Statistia, in 2014 alone, for every 1 British Pound spent on telemarketing, companies earned an average ROI of 11 British Pounds in return.

Does that sound like something your business could afford to lose out on? If not, telemarketing is worth the cost.

Myth #5. Aggressive personalities are the only type they hire.

False. We focus on long-term relationships with our leads and don’t pressure them into saying “yes” as we recognise that does little good for the companies we serve.

Instead, we connect with leads who have shown an interest in your products and point out the benefits so they can see why they should say “yes”. Aggressive personality types are the opposite of what we employ.

Myth #6. You don’t really need a professional telemarketing company.


Telemarketing requires a specific set of skills. Unfortunately, not everyone has those skills, and hiring internally isn’t always an option.

Cold calling is not easy either. It is time-consuming and can be emotionally draining if you’re not a professional.
Hiring a cold calling agency is a safe decision that gives you a better rate of return.

Myth #7. There is a financial risk in using telemarketing agencies.


Professional telemarketing companies provide measurable and controllable results and never require full payment upfront.

We pride ourselves in putting your company in a position to earn big. Our strategy and business practices are built to give you the upper hand because we believe that when you win, we win too. But we put your satisfaction first and if you’re not happy, we strive to make the situation right.

Myth #8. A cold calling agency could never understand our brand like we can.


While you have an inside perspective on what your business does and how it outshines the competition, we have a unique perspective that empowers to further your branding.

Our company also assigns one telemarketer to your account so he or she can get to know your business from the inside out. The result is the best possible outcome for each call.

Myth #9. Too many people do cold calling, the market is oversaturated.


While there are many cold calling agencies out there, not all of them do it well. A targeted, strategic approach to each phone call puts your business in a position to succeed.

However, because of the frequency of these calls, it is all the more important to hire a company that does their job the best. We’re that company.

Myth #10. Telemarketing agencies are outdated.


Direct phone calls still reach people. Human interaction is rare, but telemarketing allows people to put a ‘voice’ to your brand creating a personal connection that’s often lacking in marketing.

Human to Human marketing was named the “trend of 2015 and beyond” by HubSpot. Are you cashing in on this trend?


Telemarketing companies can bring big returns to your business. All you have to do is find a cold calling agency that understands your business and has a good reputation for getting the job done. We’re that company.

Contact our team for all your cold calling needs.

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