The Beginners Guide to Using a Direct Sales Agency

Deciding on the right route to take for your business is not easy. For many corporations and businesses, hiring a direct sales agency is the best way to improve sales.

However, there is much to consider before you make a decision. First, you need to sort out what direct sales agents can do for you and how to best use their services. Here’s a look at what a telesales agent can do for your business.


What Are Direct Sales Agents?

A direct sales agent is an individual who markets and sells goods to consumers without any online or catalog store. This person may visit individuals in their homes or call them directly to set up an appointment. They also will provide products through group meetings for social-themed gatherings to promote sales.

Some direct sales agencies will rent out spaces to promote sales for the business they are promoting. In years past, direct sales agents would go door-to-door to offer products directly to individuals. Today, telesales agents are more widely used and focus instead on contacting customers directly.


What Do They Do for Your Business?

In short, these professionals help increase your sales. On a ground level, they actually lower sales costs, provide immediate access to the market, and so much more.


How do they lower costs? They do this by generating profits.

Even if you were to pay a full-time direct sales agent some half a million pounds per year, the right experienced professional could generate as much as millions every single year. The higher the sales numbers, the better they are for your business.

In regards to immediate access to the market, a telesales agent is likely familiar with the area and has good prospects ready to go for your business. They have closer relationships with the individuals they are selling to, which is better for your brand. Even small single-person agencies can provide surprisingly good coverage.


Are They Right For Your Business?

Depending on the size of your business and the type of product you’re selling, a direct sales agency can be a cost-effective way to sell your products. Of course, you’ll definitely want to choose the right company to partner with.

Ethicall has a team of experienced telesales agents ready to help you increase sales. Contact our team to learn more about this, or any other service we offer.

4 Rules all Telemarketers Should Follow

Telemarketing professionals have a difficult job, there’s no denying it. Telesales agents are bound by certain rules and must follow a strict guideline to be successful.

Like any professional, however, their job is to know the rules towards true success in their industry. Their success is your success, if you choose to use their services.

When you use telemarketers, you’re paying top dollar for a highly specialised service. Before you hire another agent, make sure they know these four rules and follow them.

Rule #1. Always Make the Customer Happy!

No matter the situation, customers and their needs should always be put first. Each time a telesales agent calls leads, they are representing your business. Their personal and business philosophy should be to make the customer happy. If they don’t adhere to this rule, then no amount of skill can save their work.

Rule #2. How to Make a Good First Impression

A great telemarketing professional should know how to make a good first impression within five to 30 seconds of the person picking up the phone. This tiny window of time is often all you’re given. Experienced telemarketers know how to maximize those first 30 seconds.

Rule #3. Know When to Move On

Sometimes people just aren’t interested, knowing when that time has arrived is half the battle of telemarketing. Skilled callers can decipher the time is up and graciously exit the conversation. Often, persistence wastes time and money. Hiring telesales agents who get this rule is critical to maximizing results.

Rule #4. Always Leave on Good Terms

If and when a customer genuinely isn’t interested in the product or service offered, a telemarketer should leave the conversation on excellent terms. It shouldn’t be obvious that you simply wanted to make the sale and get off the phone. Use your exit to restate why they’ll love your product to solidify your reason for calling and to create a connection. Even if you didn’t make a sale, that person could become a future customer. Treat them as such.

Understanding these basic concepts of telemarketing enables professionals to reach sales goals. One piece of advice: only hire telesales agents who understand and practice these rules. You’ll be glad you did.