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When Was the Last Time You Used Data Cleansing Services?

Did you know that every year your data loses 30% of its value? Data cleansing is vital to maximising your customer and prospect lists while avoiding errors and incorrect information. We help you do just that.

Our data cleansing process captalises on the latest technology available to make sure your data is accurate. Why waste your time and money on outdated information? Our innovative data cleaning strategy removes dead-ends and clears the paths towards an ever-expanding business.

Why Choose Ethicall for Data Cleansing?

We have been providing data cleansing services for well over a decade, and are committed to the improvement of your business. We take your lists and compare them with our update selection of contact information to guarantee it is 100% accurate. By sourcing information from a wide array of data lists, we make sure your prospect list is the best.

Our data cleansing process is the best in the UK, so you never have to worry about a competitor having a more up-to-date list. Through a fail-safe process that has served our customers well for over a decade, we provide the best data cleansing services of any company in the country.

Don’t Let Your Data Cost You Money!

The money you save using our data cleansing services can be used to reinvigorate your business and vastly improve your company in other ways. Most businesses have limited marketing budgets, and understandably prefer to invest that budget in other forms of advertising. Spending the minimum amount for telemarketing is a must. But there is another challenge to overcome—bad data.

Unfortunately, faulty data can leave you with a massive overhead bill and little to NO results to show for it. The choice is simple. Choose data cleaning for a squeaky clean prospect list that saves you money and provides endless opportunities for growth.

Choose Ethicall For Advanced Data Cleaning Services & Real Results!

Put simply, our data cleaning solutions increase your business’ Return On Investment and productivity while reducing your costs. Our practice of removing inaccurate information promotes more effective sales, marketing and customer management solutions. If you’re looking for the best data cleansing services in the UK, consider Ethicall. Our data cleansing process implements top practices you can rely on. Choose a company who understands what data cleaning can do for your business, by choosing us.

Direct Sales


Reach Your Customers Where They Are with Direct Sales Agents

At Ethicall, each of our direct sales agents has years of experience and stands at the ready to help your business make the sale. Generating leads is critical to the health of your business. Luckily, with the help of our direct sales agency you can benefit from a hands-off experience that produces real results. Our system is simple. We partner you with a telesales agent who gets to know your brand one-on-one and in turn targets customers who are qualified buyers. Your agent then helps you make the most of your list by reaching all the right customers.

Eliminate Missed Opportunities

Whether your sales force simply doesn’t have the time to contact all of your qualified leads, or they aren’t getting the job done properly, our direct sales agents can make sure you never miss the chance to make a sale. As seasoned experts, they are experts at converting prospects and can take the burden off you and your employee’s shoulders.

No other direct sales agency in the UK provides better customer service than Ethicall. We have proven our ability to secure sales time and again, and we’d love to do it for your business too. Why risk potential sales by hiring inexperienced sales people? Instead, try a trusted provider and personal telesales agent for your company.

Our team never misses an opportunity to make a sale. Responsible, refined and exceptional direct sales agents are what you can expect from Ethicall.

Professional Sales Calls

Above all, our telesales agents take pride in representing your business to wide array of customers. They understand the importance of a professional, friendly and intelligent approach to direct sales calls. Each and every one of your prospects will be treated with respect and kindness, regardless of the call’s outcome. You can confidently hand over your list to our agents.

Professionalism and a broad understanding of how customers want to be treated positions your company for success. Our direct sales agents take that approach to their calls. They don’t read from a script, and they aren’t afraid to converse with your prospects. They build a connection that you can later capitalise on should their initial response be “no”. That’s the kind of direct sales agency we are. We help you build for the future.

Contact Us Today!

Explore the abilities of our telesales agents by giving our direct sales agency a try. We guarantee you’ll like the results.

Appointment Generation


Ethicall Appointment Generation—A Better Appointment Setting Service

People like to buy from people. At Ethicall, we help you get around the high costs of hiring an additional team member to generate leads with an exceptional appointment making service. We use a friendly approach to customer relations, to gain trust and position your business as an expert in the industry. The connection we create makes people want to choose your business or product. In a few words, we provide an appointment setting service that produces the results you’re seeking whilst maintaining affordable prices. We deliver qualified experts who know the ins and outs of sales appointment setting.

Why You Need an Appointment Making Service

Time is money. You’ve no doubt lived that truth as a successful business, which makes it illogical to waste company time (and profits) on finding leads who qualify to meet your sales team. Luckily, we can handle this task with our appointment setting services.

Our team will secure your prospect list and guarantee that the individual is ready for the sales phase of your strategy. We then allow your sales team to do what they do best—close the sale!

How We Help You Get Your Prospect’s Attention

We use a team of qualified individuals who love to chat, to speak with your prospects. This personalised approach to sales has served our clients well for over a decade, and your business can benefit by using us as well. We’re experts in sales appointment setting, and use exceptional business strategies to guide your prospects into accepting a meeting with your team.

Our strategic selling methodology enables us to maximise analysis of your customer’s specific buying behavior and needs, which in turn aids any salesperson in identifying their influences and leads to better communication. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your investment in our appointment setting service, and this strategy helps us achieve that goal.

Securing your prospects attention might not be something on your sales team’s radar, but it certainly is on ours. Once we secure their attention we set them up for an appointment with you. This is a crucial step in expanding your business, and opens doorways to better clients.

What to Expect From Our Appointment Setting Services

Other sales appointment setting services aren’t focused on guaranteed results, but ours are. We consider our job complete only when we’ve secured an appointment with your prospect. Let us dramatically improve your sales numbers through the best appointment making services in the UK.

Lead Generation


Lead Generation for Better Quality Prospects

Would you like a more tailored approach to your company’s lead generation? For years Ethicall has provided customers just like you with customised lead generation services—and with phenomenal results. Our sales lead generation services are defined by your company goals, so you never have to worry about our approach not matching up.

Our team is made up of the best lead generation experts available in the UK. If you want to enjoy a boost in sales, then you should consider using us for lead generation in the UK.

Benefit from Our Massive Database

For most small and even large companies, information is scarce. That’s where we can help.

As the foremost lead generation experts in the UK, we pull information from a near limitless database. Regardless of the demographic or territory you are aiming for, we can find prospect information for you in an instant.

Our lead generation services focus on isolating the ideal prospects for your sales team so they don’t have to. We narrow things down for your team leading to faster sales for you.

Maximise Conversion Rates

We have spent years perfecting our sales lead generation services and are proud to offer our customers a chance to maximise their conversion rates. By utitlising the latest and greatest information from our massive database, we help your team target prospects.

The more qualified your leads are, the better your conversion rates will be. That’s a fact. Our advanced strategy positions your marketing efforts for success and vastly transforms the way customers respond to your campaigns.

Our precise approach to lead generation is guaranteed to maximise your calls, ads, and campaigns.

Let Us Engage & Nurture Your Prospects

Not only do we find leads, but we also nurture them as a part of our lead generation UK based service. We build anticipation for your product or service, and drive customers into action with time-tested tactics.

Contrary to what other lead generation ‘experts’ may say, securing prospects isn’t the most important step. Engaging leads is. The first step towards doing this is finding prospects who have a baseline interest in your offering. From there, we nurture potential buyers into a long term relationship with your company.

Discover better results from your lead generation services through our lead generation experts. Our strategy is second to none, and our database coves the whole of the UK. Choose us for your lead generation UK needs.


Muhammad has 7 years experience in the cold caller sector. Muhammad has worked for numerous telemarketing companies, both UK and American based. Muhammad is an excellent communicator and hard-working.

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Muhammad has 7 years experience in the cold caller sector. Muhammad has worked for numerous telemarketing companies, both UK and American based. Muhammad is an excellent communicator and hard-working.

Muhammad is fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

Studying and learning new skills are also important to Muhammad who has numerous qualifications in I.T. and computing that can be utilised in any task he is required to complete.

Muhammad likes to be target driven or have a project to complete within a set time frame.

  • Sales, Telesales, Telemarketing, Cold Calling, Tele Canvassing
  • Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
  • Data Gathering, Data Entry, Data Cleansing, Market Research
  • Business Development, Marketing, Email Marketing, Management, Account Management
  • Admin Support, Virtual Assistant, Customer Support, Email Handling, CRM, Typing

Muhammad is available to work from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, his hourly rate is £15

Muhammad is currently 60% booked out

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