Marrett & Messenger

Marett & Messenger are a creative media Company based in Devon, helping companies bring their commercials to life without the extensive cost that is usually involved.

The Brief:

To build a niche list of companies local to Marett & Messengers head office in the first instance and to then speak with the company directors or Marketing/Sales Directors to organize meetings for the director to get in front of potential clients to explain all the benefits of using TV to promote their company.

The Solution:

Using our specific technique to build the correct data do this and create a spreadsheet with all the details

Establish the level of interest, this can sometime be hard especially if it is something the company have always thought they cannot afford

Arrange to send them one of the company’s fun and exciting emails telling them all about how we have helped others.

Call back and arrange either a telephone or face to face meeting.

The results:

We are into our second month with Marett & Messenger now with some exciting appointments made and most importantly relationships built between the companies. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon…